Thursday, 29 July 2010

Work in progress - arty things

This week I'm working on Wedding invitations for one of my best friends. She loves all things kitch and retro so her cards are going to be bright and funky. I started on stage one this afternoon, the drawing/ outline.
She loves tattoos, and has about 6 I think. She designs them all herself because she loves the personal meaning of each one. One of my favorites is a floral design she has on her back. It is a compliation of flowery doodles, not just any doodles though! You know when your on the phone, chatting away and there is any type of paper and drawing instument around? What do you draw?

For me it is circles, and for my friend it is flowers! So she translated these into a beautiful design that she now has on her back. Now you can see where the theme for her wedding invites comes in... it had to be a tattoo theme. I'm going to embroider this design with her and her bo's names, photograph it and then use that as the design for the front of the cards!

The other day Mr LB came home with some more squares of plywood for me and I started working on a new pice for my living room wall. "Her head's in the clouds" is a drawing/ painting on cardboard and them placed on the wood. I added some little clouds from a thrifted book and some cute flowery paper as the grass. I love how the collage aspect of these kind of pices build a different dimention. I just need to add hands and some text then she'll be ready for the wall.

Do you think she should be carrying a basket of clouds?

I had some trouble at the beginning getting the shading around her eyes right and then I ran my paint brush across them and the ink was still wet! Although I had to start again in this first one she does have a kind of tear stained face, and looks sad. So it's not all for nothing.

What are you doing to wind down this week? Are you trying a new technique or style?


Annette F Tait said...

the cards sounds nice!

and a basket of clouds would be perfect, or maybe even a couple in her hand?

whitney-anne said...

love the very original idea for the wedding invites and your collage is adorable!