Monday, 19 July 2010

A story

Laura Baillie Designs is the blog of little stories about my jewellery and my art. It features insights, inspirations and a peek behind the scenes at all my creations. I strive to make things with meaning, take you back to a memory or create a keepsake that warms your heart. And I want Laura Baillie Designs to be the place where these pieces have their little story heard.

So now that I have written it in black and white I plan to keep my word. I have been thinking a lot about my'brand' lately. What is it I actually do?
Well, I make things. I make jewellery, collages, ACEO's and embroidery in hoops as wall art. And the thing that ties all my creations together is the meaning behind each piece. The little story that each jewel brings to life, be it a reminder to that someone loves you, or a symbol of hope.

I plan to expand all these stories here and bring them to life, adding them to the package that you purchase from. So let the fun begin!

Laura x

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