Sunday, 30 May 2010

:: inspiration ::

This is a sneaky peak at what I'm working on at the moment. It's a little project involving all of my loves, jewellery, embroidery, collage and now movie making. Things are still in the early stages but I'll keep you posted on how things come along.

I have had a lovey week, spending time with family and friends, planting and nurturing little seedlings in my garden and eating wonderful fresh food in the garden. I have been working on some new jewellery for my Etsy shop as well.

Maybe it is the sunshine or the smell of summer in the air, but I am being drawn to simple designs, shapes and colour combinations. I think of Indian summers looking at this necklace, the rich heat of the red semi precious Carnelian.
I have hit a wall with my bed time reading lately, do you have any recomendations? I like a bit of everything, so let me know what is gripping you at the moment. Have a lovely week x


BerthaLey said...

Wow, I love the embroidery! Wish I could embroider like that.

Anonymous said...

I was really impressed by your designs. I didn’t know you were British until I saw that the web site items are priced as pounds. I am an artist also, but live and create in the United States. I can’t say that I can crochet but I am a decent collage artist as well as watercolorist. I just never thought to add to a piece by including jewelry in the canvas as well, as crochet art . This is a lot of work especially since your work is so personal. I really admire your can do spirit. Your site is lovely. I love how you keep it updated. It has that fine English can do spirit. I am looking forward to your next video to your next “let me tell you a story video. Monthly goals are hard to follow. I wonder how far I would get if I tried to pursue your goals. The artist kin me makes me a bit lackadaisical.