Wednesday, 31 March 2010

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Simple Elegance :1:
I have been working away on a new range Simple Elegance over the last few days. With boxes of beautiful gemstones on my desk I often feel that it is each stones characteristics that should be focused on and not lost amongst other details. So I decided to keep these necklaces simple and let the rich or light colours and textures of each stone speak for itself.
The necklace above has a string of Carnelian gemstones atached to a gold chain. The stones are 6mm, so small and sweet.
Carnelian is said to bring peace & harmony, give strength to your voice and give courage.What a lovely idea, to have little gemstones of strength laying on your neck.
I'll be listing this necklace and more gold and silver Simply Elegant pieces this evening in

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rachel awes said...

absolutely beautiful.
lovely to visit...