Tuesday, 23 March 2010

:: work in progress ::

sew lovely - silver charm necklace
now available in my Etsy shop
I want to say a cheesey hello to all my new blog followers and visitors. It is always so exciting to see new people finding my blog, I often wonder who people find me.
Things have taken a giant leap forward on my re visit to my etsy experiment . I have drawn up a mind map doodle (on the back of some wall paper!), and pinned it above my desk. The centre of my map is my goal for this year. And all the legs coming off are ways I'm going to acheive my aim.
Having read this post by Dave Navarrow on how to get More Time Now ebook, I decided to narrow my goals list down. The huge list was beginning to get me down and kind of pulling me off track. Choosing 1 goal for the year, 5 for the month and 3 each week I am able to stay focused. And all of theses are tasks to get me to my years aim.
Making jewellery is part of my aim, to have 5 new items to list a week. But this is such a small part of the bigger picture. I have to get my necklaces ect out the world and that is where I'm concentrating my efforts at the moment. I have sent out a new press release to 5 magazines from my collected list. And it has begun to pay off already! One of my necklaces has been featured on Bliss.co.uk
Let me know if you would like to read more about writing a press release and I can maybe do a DIY post.


Anonymous said...

Laura - I'm going to take a leaf from your book & do a similar goal spider diagram...what a wonderful idea.
I have wondererd about promotion & have thought for a while about writing to magazines, but don't know where to start.
I, for one, would be very grateful for any tips you can give us :)

Phillipa x

Laura Bray said...

I NEED this. I better email my mom and tell her to buy it for me!

Louise Elizabeth ♥ said...

That charm is sooo sweet - thanks for sharing it with us :D


whitney-anne said...

wow - impressive list of goals! I satrt with a list, start playing and it all goes out the window. Yes please, any tips you can give on how to write a press release would me very welcome.

Annette F Tait said...

Laura a press release would be great! I've done my own a while ago but I have a lot to learn :)

well done on being in Bliss!

Maria said...

Yes! A press release diy would be fantastic! I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to those sorts of things. That charm is really, really cute by the way!