Friday, 12 February 2010

:: friday finds ::

Things have been a bit hectic around here for the last couple of weeks so I had a little day off to myself today and opted for serene as my word of the day and found these beautiful images on flickr.
A few weeks ago I pinned my things to list to the back of the studio door and I realised that it just kept growing and growing and I was struggling to get anything done. A sinking feeling started to wash over me and I realised I needed some help. As if by magic, the handmade marketer's newsletter fell into my inbox with a feature by Dave Navarro, More Time Now.
I know, i know, i hear you cry, i too have read all about time management before and nothing has worked for more than 2 days. But this is different, I downloaded the pdf and printed off 3 pages and have become Mrs efficient in 2 weeks! It isn't fancy or patronizing just straight to the point and soooo effective.
So if your like me and procrastinate, get far too easily distracted and want no regrets give the thing a read. Who knows, you could get to cross some of those things off your lists too.


Liberty said...

That advice is fabulous! I had started unknowingly down the 'right' route, and my list is dramatically smaller now - but there's some great next steps in there for me too! Thanks for sharing! X

ei! kumpel said...

oh gosh, does it really work? I'm very organised, but lately seems like I get lost in all my ideas and end up doing a lot less than I expect... and I get frustrated! Off to read that manual! xx

Abi said...

These are great photos for inspiration :D
I love the vintage feel they have to them.

Abi x