Monday, 30 November 2009

Preparing for advent

Hyacintvas from julia's store
I found some fantastic new Scandanavian blogs over the weekend

was inspired to start my advent celebrations sooner than I had planned.

As I mentioned in my last post I have grand schemes for lots of handmade festive creations this year and I spent lots of lovely hours this weekend crafting away. In honour of my new blog finds I am going to start my advent decorating one piece at a time tomorrow.

I love Mr LB, and his handiness.

I was sitting at my desk on Saturday surrounded by all sorts of materials with only a clear A4 sized bit of desk to work on and I went in a huff. Mr LB listened tentatively to my gripes about not enough space, too much stuff, can't get tidy......... and disappeared. 20 minutes later he suggested I take Pablo out for a walk to clear my head.

(As he will delight in telling you, he is always right!), it was just what I needed. Fresh air and a run around with a tennis ball.

When we returned home I could hear drilling sounds coming from our house..
As we went in the close I could smell saw dust......
When we went into the hall I could see screws and hinges......
Mr LB had built me a desk extension!!!!!

I now have a bit of clear desk just for doing computer stuff and I am such a happy bunny.
So with all this new found space I set to work on a few of my projects.
I designed my 2 christmas cards and ordered all the needed supplies. I even got an order from a great patron of my arts, and she wants 150 of them!

I have made a date with my Mum to make ginger snap biscuits as gifts. I'm heading over to her house tomorrow armed with cookie cutters and silver balls. (I will take snaps.)

The tree decorations and ornaments have rolled into one and I made batches of these with air dry clay. I love them! I'll write up a little tutorial and post it on wednesday.

And last but not least a terrarium update. I mentioned my plans to create a world of moss and mushrooms in a jar to my bestist friend Holly, who I knew would understand. Then the following night she turned up armed with beautiful jars ideal for terrariums! We have set a date to go collecting moss ect and I am really looking forward to it!

So this weekend has been busy and I'm quite tired today. How was your weekend?


Louise Broomhead said...

Hi Laura,

This is a lovely post to read. I like how you've set it out :) Your work space and decorations are beautiful! Good luck with the terrariums!

I want a Mr LB too!! But not yours of course :)


mushroommeadows said...

Your work station is awesome! Congrats on designing 2 Christmas card (and your sale)...which reminds me that I need to start working on my cards asap. :)

sandyxxx said...

This was by far one of mthe most thought provoking merry go rounds we've had. Im still not convinced I am all done thingking it through.
I think the amount of detail and the stricking color combinations you use are your trademark. Unique style that sets you apart.
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