Thursday, 19 November 2009

Any one for tea?

Golden tea cup necklace available at Laura Baillie Designs
"What better way to suggest friendliness - and to create it - than with a cup of tea?"

J. Grayson Luttrell, 1930
I have never been a great tea drinker untill that is I moved into my very own flat. I love water and drink glasses and glasses each day, but there is something so much more sociable about a warm cup of tea!
As I work from home, not a day goes by where I don't have a friend or neighbour popping in for a cuppa (one friend in particular calls and says "have you got the kettle on?" )
So to celebrate this new found habit I have created these lovely little necklaces, in honour of all my tea drinking friends around the world. And they are going to be famous, yes famous! Having been working away on my press release for what seems like ages, (a week), I finally got them emailed out last Friday. That day I began to get responses and I this necklace is going to be featured in Sugarscape magazine in their new issue out on Monday 30th of November and online in Janurary!
How do you like your tea?
Mine is either Twinings Chai , Jasmine Green Tea or very milky Tetley!


Tracey said...

This necklace is lovely. I too am mainly a water (and occasionally gin!) drinker but when I do have a cuppa Im partial to a peppermint or lady gray. x

Kalicat said...

This is super cute, ideal for Alice in Wonderland picnic parties