Monday, 26 October 2009

List Love

Lists on my desk this week


1. Clear out walk in cupboard which hold pots, dishes, laundry centre and miscillanious items. At the moment things are being strateigically placed so they don't fall on the floor instead of being neatly away. I have to get this sorted this week before I break something!

2. Get all my pictures up on the living room wall in a cluster type collection. I think I have about 15 pieces to go up and I am fed up looking at the canvas thingy I did years ago and looks unfinished.

3. Write some letters. I have 4 people in my life I want to send a lovely letter too this week.

4. Work on some new brooch designs, in metal and fabric. I have so many ideas floating about and don't really know where to start, so I know I just have to start making and see where I go.

5. Make up some Christmas Gift sets. I would like to offer a package with earrings, a bracelet and a card. I plan to have at least 2 listed by next Monday.

6. List the new ACEOs I made this weekend. Looking at my photographs of these is making me think I should re take some of my other ones and keep the feel the same. I plan to list a new ACEO a day over the next few weeks and if the sun breaks through the clouds tomorrow I'll re take some snaps.

7. Do more doodle embroidery. Instead of watching TV at night I have been stitching away. They can maybe end up as cards but for the moment I'm just trying to sew for an hour a day.

What are on your lists for this week?


herzensart said...

seems time is never enough to do all the things one has in mind. Doodle embroidery instead watching TV seems like a good plan to me :) Like your little birdie

Julia said...

Oh, god bless lists! Yours is so incredibly inspiring :)

Laura Bray said...

Sounds like a busy week. My cupboard is on my list too! I suppose we should be thankful that they are not bare!

sunnie fairy said...

I love making lists. helps organize my mind.
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