Thursday, 24 September 2009

Art Nouveau Inspiration

"The May Queen" by Maragret MacDonald

Gustav Klimt "The Kiss"

I wanted to share these 2 pieces of Art Nouveau with you. These are my all time favourite art works. And I am noticing now how much of an influence this style has on my current work. I seem to be drawn to the flowing shapes, fluid lines and references to nature in everything I am creating at the moment.

On my desk today
pakages waiting to be posted
notes from my new part time job's work
my little A6 moleskin, waiting for me to create in.
(I feel moved to start a little project, something that I do once a day to record my thought and feelings, but don't quite know what to do!)


Anonymous said...

What fun! :) I do love some good Art Nouveau! Hope you are doing well as Autumn is coming nearer! Does Pablo have a nice scarf to keep him warm?

Laura Bray said...

I love The Kiss! You are very quiet in the ecourse. I'm hoping you are getting a lot out of it!

Megan Coyle said...

I love Gustav Klimt's "The Kiss" or "der Kuss." I saw the real thing when I went to Austria a few years ago. I just stood in awe in front of it and couldn't move away from it for a while. I guess you could say I was starstruck by a work of art.

Ann said...