Wednesday, 19 August 2009

A New Look

So, what do you think of my new look packaging?

When I first opened my Etsy shop, 2 years ago now, I wanted my packaging to be simple and stylish. The kind of wrapping that was like a gift and something a bit special. So I hung my jewels from blank greetings cards, with my shop sticker on them, popped them into a plastic sleeve with another little sticker to close, and then wrapped each one in layers of tissue paper and ribbon. So many customers got back in touch to say how beautiful the packaging was or that they had sent the piece on to a friend and they said how great it was!

But things took a shift when I was filling my orders from the Etsy Weekend Deals promotion. All the jewels were made up and ready to package, and I realised that this system while fancy and smart was taking me ages to do and was there for costing me in time and materials!

So I decided to think of another way of packaging my designs which would still be a delight to open, have all my shop info, be protective to the jewels, be easy to put together and most of all be economical. This is where my new look idea sprung from. I found lovely boxes, designed an insert on Illustrator and printed them off on card. I spent last Saturday night printing out and cutting up 100 of them to go into each box and now they are ready and waiting. I love it when I find a solution to my business problems, and this one has saved me 20 mins per package!

This weekend I spent lots of time working on new designs, and had great fun creating some new earrings. I seem to go through phases, and for a while all my ideas were for bracelets, but I seem to have come round to dangly designs again. I am still working on getting over 100 pieces in the shop and balancing getting some wholesale orders away. I want to have a varied selection in stock for Christmas time and know from experience I need to be doing it in August.

What are your earlybird plans for Christmas this year?


Laura Bray said...

Your packaging is beautiful Laura! I also like that you made up 100 cards. It tells the Universe you are ready for the orders to keep pouring in!

Ruby Rose said...

I think your packaging is very nice too! How clever of you!

Annette F. Tait said...

this is very elegant Laura!
I also liked your first desscription of the packaging too - it's nice to be different and I have never seen jewellery on a card before.

LornaSmithStudio said...

Well done you on your packaging...looks very classy. I have no early bird Christmas plans except panicing! oh well
L xxxx

ei! kumpel said...

love love love your new packaging!


Sylvia C. said...

These are great, and you are right on.. time is MONEY... (and MONEY is MONEY ;)

I hope these work out great for you!

Anonymous said... last comment got an error message, so trying again.
Love your new packaging - though your old packaging sounds fun too !

And thanks for your series on the "Etsy Experiment" has been a really good read :)

LexieJewel said...

Love your jewelry!!! We as jewelry designers sure do go through phases, huh?!! Packaging looks awesome!! :-)