Sunday, 30 August 2009

Jane Austen

"An artist cannot do anything slovenly. "

Jane Austin

I have just finished watching "Becoming Jane", such a beautiful film.

What is your favourite period drama?


mushroommeadows said...

I love the movie Becoming Jane!!!

19th century was one of my favorite time romantic. ;)

Louise Broomhead said...

I like Miss Potter about Beatrix Potter - it was wonderful :D Happy Bank Holiday :)

Candace said...

While I do love Austen, Miss Potter, and such... I also enjoyed "John Adams". A fantastic series and it was all real.
What a lovely portrait of Miss Austen.
Hope you are well. Happy Bank Holls.
Candace in Athens.

LornaSmithStudio said...

My favourite favourite has to be A Room With a View. I did it for English Higher. Then it has to be both versions of Pride and Pedujice although many will argue with me that the the BBC version is far superior! I like them both for diferent reasons xxxx

littlebird said...

Becoming Emma is so wonderful, what is it about love stories that don't work???
are you watching Emma on BBC1 just now?