Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Seedlings # 2

Let me cast your mind back to my post from 1 month ago seedlings # 1 . I planted 5 tiny seeds, water, hoped and watched for 3 weeks. Then to my delight I had little srouts of green!

Well my front room is blossoming now with plants, and dreams of tomato recepies. They are coming on so well, each night I sit beside them to eat dinner and I'm sure they have shot up by another inch. I now have this strong urge to grow more and more veggies. I have dreams of a secret garden like plot with green beans, lettice, courgettes and peppers, Californian Peppers no less!
No less said than my friend Katie came for tea a little while ago and brought me another little grow bag! It has taken about three weeks for anything to happen, but last night my heart lept when I saw these tiniweenie sprouts in what looks like dry cork!
Now for the fun part, when I have my first crop (listen to me!) what should I make?
I'll have tomatoes, peppers, sage, thyme, chives, mint, marogam and rosemary all in my garden so give me your suggestions please!

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Anonymous said...

congrats on your garden! we just started one as well. are planning lots of fresh salsa, salads and pasta sauces. well, husband will be making them - i'll be eating them!

lovely artwork as well! i'm a big fan of mixed media.
thanks for stopping by my blog!