Wednesday, 13 May 2009

A mixed media morning

Sunday I had planned to get stuck into this new project but friends from far away lands popped by for a visit so my schemes got put on hold. Yesterday I wanted to get the jewels out and the day sped away from me. But this morning I awoke full of inspiration and drive and have just completed these.

This one is my favourite.

I ironed a copy of a little painting I did a few months ago of two little birds on a branch onto a piece of fabric and then layered paint, paper and a snip of vintage lace ontop.

I still have the iron out (a rare sighting in this house!) so I'll keep working away.


Sylvia C. said...

Your talents truly are so vast!

I hope the rest of your week continues to be this inspiring!

Sylvia C.

herzensart said...

these are beautiful and your favorite is mine too :)

kat said...

thats really clever Laura, i love paintings of birds on branches,they look lovely.kat x

katydiddy said...

This is stunning! Laura, I've seen such a maturity in your work lately. It's always been wonderful, but now it is truly amazing. Thanks for sharing your journey with us.