Thursday, 21 May 2009

All set

As promised : operation tidy before & after!

With my work space cleared I have begun working on some new designs and am experimenting with some new backgrounds for my product shots. I am looking for something simple but textured, that isn't too distracting from the jewellery. Hopefully by the end of today I'll have decided on the new look and have most of the photos of my current listings on etsy changed.
I really enjoy this part and feel they need freshened up. Hopefully I'll get some inspiration for a new banner too!

A very surprising trait has started to imerge in MrS's character, he keeps finding beautiful pieces of furniture in thrift shops. Until recently he had a very limited interest in how I decorate and would just roll his eyes when I would return from a forage with an old tin, a cup and saucer and an old watering can. But now he is finding little gems, like this beautiful unit! I'm not quite sure hat will finally end up on it, at the moment I'm changing the collections every few days!
things to do today
decide on photo background
re take shop photos
take new design photos
fix photos
hopefully edit excisting listings on etsy
What are your plans for the rest of the week?


Sylvia C. said...

I am loving your more frequent posts. Have I ever mentioned that you shoud come and visit me in Kansas City?

Sylvia C.

katydiddy said...

Just peeked in your shops today. Everything looks so beautiful. I may need to buy a bird collage soon!

LornaSmithStudio said...

plans for the rest of the week....hmmm finish the three knitting projects that I have on the go!
Nice unit by the way.
L x

ei! kumpel said...

Your work space looks great!

Enjoy your bank holiday!


mushroommeadows said...

love your little tidy workplace is inspiring! happy creating! :)