Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Share a little something

"Sail on the Clyde" by Emma S Davis

I found this image in a book I am reading at the moment and wanted to share it with you. The artist Emma S. Davis was born in Paisley (the town where I now live) and she went to Glasgow School of Art, (the same art school I went to, I started there the year Emma graduated!)

I think her work is beautiful, rich layers of texture and she captures landscapes that I am familiar with in such a colourful and positive way.

I couldn't find a website for Davis's work but here is a link to more of her work and other talented Scots!

I am still plodding away with the paper work and there are piles and piles of it to get through, but I am getting there. I am still keeping focused and sticking to my three things, well almost. I have started sneeking in a bit of sewing at bedtime, to shut my mind down and I'm having so much fun, photos are on the way I promise. Last night I started a new piece of cloth and I'm kind of doodling on cloth with thread if that makes any sense. A few months ago I started noting down proverbs and I'm going to incorporate them or use them as a base for some new work. So far my favourite is

"home is where the heart is"

what's your favourite proverb?



Nicola said...

I like a similar saying
"Home is where the Hearth is"
Skittle my cat agrees!
nic xx

Tracey said...

What a lovely picture, not heard of her before so will be looking her up. Well done for getting on with your paperwork! Im really bad at the moment as I'm not doing anything but crocheting my blanket it is such a distraction! I only learned to crochet in the new year and I'm so excited to see it finished. I guess the quicker it's finished the sooner I can start some proper work.

Louise said...

Hi Laura,

Thank you for your comments and for adding me to your blog list.

It means a lot to get Etsy feedback from established, inspiring sellers like yourself.

I will be in touch shortly - have a great weekend. Also hello to Tracey- good to hear of your progress!