Tuesday, 20 January 2009

One moment in time...

"A moment"

Thanks for all your great quotes, I love finding out what makes other people smile :)

I got all my press releases orginized, printed and beautifully and funkily packedged and posted, so heres hoping I get featured in Vogue! And because of that I have been busy making and listing in the shop, you know in case 100's of customers come flooding my way!

I have been sorting out my stock and found so many tiny bits of chain or random beads that I hang on top, just in case, and have finally been inspired to use them. My cousin was over for a visit the other day and she came through to the studio to have a nosey through my bead boxes and she started selecting random beads. Then she picked up 3 pieces of chain and layed them out and placed the beads on top, a said, "I would wear a bracelet like that!".

And so my "Something old, something new" collection was born. I love how they are not all neat and exact, with 5 of this stone or 10 of this bead and all balanced and shiney. Sometimes I get to close to a design and want it formal and balanced. This new random flow has been so exciting to make plus I'm getting to use up otherwise redundant bits and bobs.
Do you like things neat and ordered or do you draw ontop of the lines?


Anonymous said...

I love your "a moment" piece Laura! Great color palette! :) I think I like things neat, but also random! So both for me! ;)

Julia said...

What a beautiful piece! I'm so excited for you, I hope all that work pays off, darling!

LornaSmithStudio said...

I'm a bit odd as my home is absolute chaos...stuff everywhere. Whilst when i'm at work I am anally organised and tidy. I have dreams about having one of those modern houses with no clutter...where everything has a place and mountains of storage...*sigh*
Well done on your new pieces...I love the randomness of them xxx

Vintage Linen Treasures said...

I love your idea of mixing old with new. Your bracelet is beautiful. I hope you get in to vogue. Wow, how exciting. Good luck!!
Patricia :o)