Friday, 4 July 2008

I think something is brewing

Meet marie, she was born yesterday while I was taking a break from the commission I am working on this week. I am really enjoying doing tis, so much so I ordered some felt to make up little accessories for them! Maybe when I have refined my designs they will make their way to the shop?
I am also pleased to report that I am filling my journal pages with little bits and pieces and am nurturing lots of new ideas but I am not sure quite where they are leading me yet, but the journey is exciting! I found this site the other day called 43things, where you can list your lifes goals and people can join you and share your goals. I have opted to keep mine private but have printed off a list, yes another one of some of my goals for 2008. It is quite fun to look and see what other people are aiming for, there are another 4381 people wanting to become financially independent! Happy weekend to you all x


Camilla said...

Oh my list on 43 things includes a lot about getting out of debt!

Megan Coyle said...

thank you for your kind words :)

and Marie is just as wonderful as your last one. These dolls are so fun.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love your new(ish) banner!
Off to check out 43 Things...seeing other people's goals satisfies my inner voyeur.

Anonymous said...

I love your little Marie! And your journal is excellent! I really admire your excitement and readyness for new things! Keep it up friend!!

mushroommeadows said...


By the way, I want some moleskine journals!!! AWESOME!

Oh, and you're welcome about the stamp! :)

bunzi said...

it's great to have goals. in school, goals were so much more clearly defined - pass a class, graduate etc. i find as i get older it's harder to define my goals. but i think what you've done is a great start.

:D have fun marking them off.

and very cute journal pages and little miss marie. :D