Wednesday, 30 April 2008

10 things to do today - Day 3

This was my Carey family tree in 2006 drawn by my little cousin Della for my Granny's 70th Birthday. It has grown again since then but I found it again this morning and it makes me smile!

Things to do today

1. Try 3rd time to colour in Yibble doodles on laptop, if no luck then scan originals, colour with ink and rescan.

2. Make more spicey soup. (Olive oil, garlic, 1 heaped table spoon Gara Masala, 2 x onions, 4 grated carrots, 4 handfuls of red split lentils, 2 ham stock cubes, 2.5 pints boiled water)

3. Make more paper flowers * maybe into garland.
4. List 1 new item etsy, relist 2

5. Make more birdie cards, at least 2
6. Make 7 birthday cards (May is a busy month for me for cards.)
7. Find new tutorial to try
8. Do more Yibble doodles

9. Look at wordpress to see if that suits my needs better.

10. Reaserch dog training on internet, P's puppy classes don't start till end of may and he can already sit, stay, down and get treats out of bottle by pawing it down hard and spinning the bottle. He has a hungry mind and is learning fast so I need to learn more ways of keeping him occupied!

I found this wonderful and quite simple tutorial for paper flowers, Kusadama Flowers I had a great time yesterday evening sitting during the rather frighteny thunder storm making a little batch of these up. I used square pink postit notes and double sided tape instead of PVA glue, which meant iI could work faster. I am going to thread them together today and see how that turns out. Give it a go and let me know what you think.

I am still having no luck with photoshopping the Yibbles, I have tried saving as I go along but everytime I get to do about 10 minutes of colouring and then the laptop chucks it :( So I think I will just work on them the old fashioned way and see how I get on.
May you have a productive day, I'm off now to start on more soup :)


Anonymous said...

Laura, I simply love your checklists! They are fun to read, and help me appreciate organization and being orderly! :) And that's so funny that you looked up how to make paper flowers! I have been thinking of paper flowers for some time now! Haha! We are sometimes just too alike! :)

Hope you are having a wonderful day!

Sophie said...

I have to agree with Blaze, I love reading these checklists. The tutorial looks wonderful, I shall be clicking on that link once I have wrote this! said...

I love your list!! Especially the paper flowers and the garland!! I am in the same moooood!!!

lottie frank said...

lists are good! but my gosh you have a lot to do in a day! hope it goes to plan! lovely blog