Monday, 24 March 2008

Not forgotton

I have not forgotton about Stefan, he is just still a work in progress. I have lots of ideas now, with bo's help, for the land of yibble and some adventures. We are thinking a recycled land, where all their finds (our discarded items) are transformed into wonderful useful or decorative things! More to follow soon.

I got this beautiful parcel on Friday from etsy seller starlitnest. They are 2 envelopes filled with beautiful farbric remnants and now I can't decide what to make with them, they are all so beautiful! Maybe they could become part of the yibble creations?
Well lots to do, I am still relisting things on etsy with new photos, making bracelets and have a card commission to work on over the next few days, plus some much needed book keeping, so I need to keep my head down and get stuck in. I managed to waste a whole hour this morning writing a new set of lists and scoring off done jobs. What a joy! Do you write lists? What kinds of lists do you like?
Keep posting for the competition new visitors, the time is coming soon, and I better keep posting I'm only at 85 and I only have 7 days left! Let me just do the maths...... so thats 7 days and 15 posts... oops. Well I'll come back tonight with something to show from my soon to be productive day hehe.

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