Tuesday, 25 March 2008

New editions

I would like to Introduce Stefan (in rusty orange and green), and Erika (in wine, cream and pink). These are the 2 newest editions to the Yibble family. I have decided not to have fabric arms and legs stitched on, this way when I use my tablet and pen to illustrate the stories they can be doodled limbs and can be more flexable.

This meant Anneliese had to have an op. She is now legless, but consoled by the fact she has a family now! I am still brimming with ideas for them but have some other less creative work on at the moment, so their adventures are limited to my joural at bedtime!

Today is a day for new editions...... but it's still a surprise I'll let you know more very soon :)


katydiddy said...

I'm loving watching this project unfold. Thanks for sharing your creative process with us.

Anonymous said...

Laura!!! These are soooo cute! You better be careful, or you'll be finding yourself on Martha really soon! :)

A surprise?! Do you have something more up your sleeve?!