Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Gettin to know you

I have been reading lots of blogs lately and some of your wonderful comments here in relation to my competition. (still on going, to be drawn in 5 days now. Mental note, next time I do a comp I will announce it and draw the winner within 1 week, even I'm getting impatient waiting!) And people talk about blogs with personality, and I too really enjoy knowing a little bit more about the person behind the pages. This has got me thinking a lot about the distance I keep from revealing too much and getting too personal, and know I feel ready to to share a bit more.

No, I'm not going to start listing everything I have eaten each day, (I know what your thinking, she'll do anything to reach 100!), just a little bit more about me, not all about the creations.

So here goes......

This is where I am at my happiest, behind my beloved camera. I get such joy from capturing moments, scenes, people, places and most of all flowers. I really started taking photos in college as a part of the cource to get into Art School. Then when I managed to develope my own 'arty' images of my friends hanging from railings, I thought mmmm I really like this and how these turned out. From then on it has brought me such pleasure and photoshop comes a close second. I love the rawness of the initial image and the possibilities that photoshop provides.

These are two little snippits of my desk and some of the images that are inspiring me at the moment. I love eastern delights, the colours, fabrics, jewels, and beautiful painted faces. There is a skirt which I have my eye on from Boden , their clothes are beautifully simple and stylish with bursts of colour. I love my Mark Rothko postcards, "White Center" is the one I have chosen for this week. And my retro radio, a gift from a bestist buddy who was shoked and appalled to hear I didn't have a radio in my bathroom, so much so she gave me this! Needless to say I can't bring myself to leave it in the loo, so it sits beside me on my desk.

So there we are, a little gettin to know me session. I hope it wasn't too much.
Goodnight blogland :)


Anonymous said...

Haha! YAY! I LOVE this post! I feel like I know you better! :) And that picture of you is just adorable!!! You are so sweet, and if I was in the UK right now, I'd come over for a pot of tea and some good television! ;)

Heehee! said...

Thanks for sharing a little bit about yourself! I like this post too! I'm glad photography gives you such joy :)

Felicia said...

Your desk looks like fun :)

katydiddy said...

Love this post-nice to get to know you! Your workspace looks so organized. Mine is an absolute mess!