Thursday, 10 January 2008

30 days to a better shop - Day 5

Well, here is my tidy studio, and I even have tidy drawers!

This is the newest edition to the shop "Toffee and Mint Crunch"! I love the combination of topaz and aventurine, and I added some faceted jet beads to look like chocolate chips. mmmmmm

I have just finished another valentine inspired bracelet and haven't quite decided on its name yet. I have used abalone nugget beads, hematite hearts, czech glass hearts, silver and white pearls and some other little gems! I'm thinking, "Melt this icey heart" or maybe "Precious Heart" because of the semi precious stones I've used?

Today's 30 Day's challange was updating my shop banner and avtar. I changed mine just before Christmas and really like it, so I'm going to stick with it for now.

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tricia said...

I love getting to see your studio! I'm anxiously a waitng my daughters wedding, because as soon as shes gone, I get her room for a studio!