Monday, 7 January 2008

30 days to a better shop - Day 3

This is Taloola, my little cousin Tess got her for Christmas and she is so funky! I just had to get a snap of her!
Today on 30 days it's orginising and sorting out my etsy shop sections. I had never really thought about it before but now that I've changed them it does seem more orginised and easier for a shopper to find different colours/ and stone bracelets.

I'm still in the middle of clearing out the studio, at the moment i'm at that point where it looks like someone has emptied a truck of paper in the door, but i am getting there! I have already filled 2 black bags with paper for recycling, where did it all come from? So i'm going to stick at it tonight so that tomorrow morning i can get stuck in to all the creations i want to make. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have a wee snap of the new room!

1 comment:

Blaze said...

Hey Laura! Great pic of Taloola! She looks like a great kisser! Haha!

I'm excitgd to see a snap of the studio tomorrow! :) Great job in all the organization!