Monday, 26 November 2007

Rock and Roll

It's half past nine and I'm tucked up in bed, but the guilt about my blogging neglect is getting too much for me, so here is catch up on the last 2 weeks.

I have been busy making up jewellery stock for a small show I was doing, and sold 17 of my charm bracelets. It is so interestesting, I made up 17 in silver and 3 in gold and not one of the gold ones went! I am going to photograph them and get them into my etsy shop at some point this week and see how they fare there.

I also sent out a flyer to friends and family for my cards and have had a constant stream of orders over the last couple of weeks, so I've been making them up too and people are loving the earrings I decided to try and have sold 25 pairs in the last week!!! So I'm all out of finding and need to order more jewellery materials tomorrow and keep making.

The other night one of my bestist friends Holly came over and we had a lovley chill out night and she brought her pooch, Barney. He is a young boxer and was sooo good and handsome I couldn't resist taking some photos of him. Then I was struck by inspiration for what I can make Holly for Christmas, I can say here because she hasn't got into bloggin yet, although I am trying to conver her. Here they are:


Blaze said...

Hey Laura! Thanks for the post! And don't worry about being busy! I know all about that! :) I'll send you my address in you etsy conversations! :) Thanks!

Audrey said...

Great Blog! Will be back for more. Thanks for the lovely comment on mine xxx

laura. said...

puppies are the best inspiration, i'd be lost without mine. thanks for the comment, ebay is delicious but i always end up paying way too much. i'm off to my parents tomorrow so i'll check out the older opshops down there, the owners are lovely and they're just happy to have the sale, none of this 'knowing its retro' stuff! everytime i come on to your page i drool at the fact you've done a textiles degree! on my to do list :)

have a great week!