Thursday, 1 November 2007

Indian Glass Bead Bracelet

I got out an oldish bag of beads I bought last year, I had thought I had used all the 'good' ones in kind of predictable colour combinations. But when I tipped the bag out I found some gems and made up a few new elastic bracelets. The company is EP Beads and they sell a great selction of lampwork and venetian and indian glass beads.

And another amazing Etsy revelation, I found a newbie tutorial and a lovely lady shows you how to make gift boxes from recycled paper, and I am addicted!!! They are so easy to make and look amazing. I have sat tonight and made up 4 and shown them to my bo and he has adapted the design to make rectangular ones. I'll photograph them tomorrow night and upload them and show you how they are done. I have used 2 already as boxes for gifts and I'm experimenting with customising my own paper with my details on them.

I just wanted to show you this beautiful collage I found while surfing the net. It is by and artist called Shari Beaubien. Her work is so .... I can't explain how it makes me feel, but I love it.

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Blaze said...

Thank you for another encouraging comment! :) I am very excited about the coffee shop, and I look forward to what I learn in the process!

To answer your question, I am a student at Seattle Pacific University. I am majoring in Illustration/New Pictures, which is a new major this year, but for the last two years, I have been Graphic Design. Yes, it's pretty busy doing homework, and starting a small business, but it's very exciting and rewarding! Hopefully I'll have some experience under my belt by the time I graduate! :)

Oh! and I added your shop to my favorites today! I don't know why it wasn't already! ;) Hope you're having a restful weekend!