Sunday, 11 November 2007


Having a lovely weekend! I made amazing creamy carrot soup yesterday and settled down and got loads of making done. Then some friends came over for tea and I got 7 commissions for jewellery pieces and she bought 2 of my scarfs and a hat! She saw some of my bracelets and asked if I could make her some necklaces and earrings in a similar style, so I did and they are great, and it has inspired me to make more.

Today I have been sorting out some new photos I took this morning, it makes such a difference taking them in natural light and it means I can spend the rest of the day sorting through them.

I am really happy with these earrings, I bought the findings last ear and never really got around to doing anything with them, but these new stones moss agate and aventurine really suit them I think. They are delicate and natural and I think thats why I like them so much!

I was on one of the Etsy forums the other day and someone started talking about Moo, I had never heard of them so checked them out. They print up mini business cards, stickers ect. I have ordered some to use as tags for my jewellery, and business cards. Its a great idea this way I can get a small run made up and can change the design as I please without waste. I am really excited about them comming I'll post a pic when they arrive.


alyson. said...

hi Laura, I couldn't figure out where to email you, so I decided to leave you a comment instead! your jewelry designs are lovely!
basically for the PIF, you would sign up to join mine, {yay!} then I would send you something within 365 days, probably sooner than later. then you just have to post it on your blog {no pressure on actually posting it on your blog, one of my people did, one hasn't} saying you'll do the same for the first three people that post on yours! then you'll send something handmade to them. it's pretty fun, and a nice way to get to know other bloggers out there. I really enjoy the swaps. they can be rewarding when you get your little package in the mail. :) so, if you'd still like to join, let me know. I'd love to send you something! email me at if you need more details.

alyson. said...

sure! I basically copied it from someone else. just go ahead and email me your information {address, etc.} and I'll get to workin on your little gift!
and I'd be honored if you added my blog to your list of favorite blogs.

laura. said...

hi laura,

thankyou so much for your lovely comments on my blog, always a treat to find kind words left like that. your degree sounds amazing...i've been wanting to get into the textile world for sometime and now i can't stop playing with all the vintage fabrics and delicious treasures i can use in my work. for sure add me to your list, that would be lovely. i'm in the process of making a whole new set of paintings and vintage object based creations, so keep popping by. talk soon.