Sunday, 14 October 2007

paper making

Here is how I made the textured paper for the paper flowers:

1. cut a5 sizes pieces of collected papers

2. Chose interesting textured papers and tear, I chose a natural fiber paper and my favorite- doillies.

3. Lay the pieces of torn or cut textured paper onto your A5 collected papers and cover in PVA glue. I found that they dry over night.

I have layered about 20 of these sheets along with newsprint, tracing paper, tissue paper and news print sheets all cut to A5 or A6 size and sewn the tops together and made my own sketch book. I'll photograph it tonight and get it up soon.

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Blaze said...

Hi Laura!
These patterns are beautiful! And I love your textured flowers! They remind me of Peter Callesen's work (! He is so inspirational and it's almost depressing what he can create out of paper! Oh! And I really like your blog! :)