Sunday, 7 October 2007

My first knit !!!

1st real bit of knit.
felted corsages

Did my first finished section of knitting today, cast on, 10 rows and successfully cast off! I have to fill you in on the significance of this event, I have a Ba Hons degree in knitted Textiles, but on my first day having seen my holey shriking piece of knitting, my tutors told me to head upstairs to the knitting machines lol. Fortunately my skills on the machine were and still are slightly better and some how I managed to get my degree. I specialised in knitting then felting my pieces of work and for my degree show/ final collection I made a range of bags. And Laura Baillie Designs was born. So today was a monumental step :) What do you think? I know I still have a long way to go. (I know, I had no knitting needles so I opted for barbecue squewers and chop sticks.)

I have just spent about an hour tidying up my computer sorting files out and backing up my work. I learned the hard way about 3 months ago when I spilled a glass of water over my laptop and the whole thing went to computer heaven :( It is amazing how much I took it for granted, all my work, accounts, photos, music, favourites, everything gone. Luckily I had backed up about 3 months before so I didn't loose absolutely everything but enough to learn a valuable lesson.

1. No water or liquid of any sort with in a 2 meter radius of the computer.

2. Back up on a Sunday or after a large piece of work or fun.

Well, happy Sunday Night.

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