Tuesday, 9 October 2007

making and ebaying!

What a day, I have been non stop and not as much to show for my efforts as I would have liked but never mind! I have been making charm bracelets for my Christmas Girls Nights and wanted to get some on ebay too, and I managed to make 4. I love making them, I love the sparkliness and luxury of them and the stones and beads are yummy. I'll need to add my jewellery to my FLICKR thingy. So it turned ou half the day making them and half the day trying to get them and their descriptions to load onto ebay, it took ages!

Thanks again to everyone who commented on my peice for Ispire Me Thursday, I love this getting given wee projects and challenges to keep me on my toes. It is so easy to get bogged down with have and must dos so a wee project for my self is great. I am sticking with the knitting too, I am still working away with my barbacue squers although I was given proper needles last night but they are too fat and slippy. I have decided I am going to try to do one square a night, 10 stitches by 10 rows hehehe and decide later what I want to do with them all. I am just having fun doing it and thats what counts, right.
And I have just worked out to get the links to work on this too, today is a good day!

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Patricia J. Mosca said...

THESE ARE BEAUTIFUL...Truely beautiful!