Wednesday, 3 October 2007

The kindness of scrappers

Just managed to get some of my work onto the blog, it took me some time to master flickr, but at last I've done it. Its a great way to orginise my photos and let folks see what I do!
I spent ages last night surfing and looking at different scarpbooking site, I am amazed how many people are out there doing and how generous everyone is about sharing their fins and tips, who said it's every man for him self?, they were wrong. It sounds silly I know but it really made me smile to think that there is still kindness in people, yes I know it sounds so cheesey.

Well back to work I go on the christmas cards, I have nothing finished today to show so I'll put on some of my last years designs, some of them I'll use again, but I like having new exciting stuff to sell each year.

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